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There are so many reasons to come to Johnsons. You already know we are Boston's No. 1 Garden Centre. You probably know about our fantastic Fine Food Hall & Restaurant.
Don't miss our other fantastic departments and partners...
Gifts, cards, homewares. Aquatics and pets, Fashions from Klass plus accessories and bags, Studio 10 Hair Salon and Spilsby Jewellers. Don't forget Tufts and Tangles Dog Grooming & Seacroft Mobility; and while you are shopping leave your car at the Hand Car Wash or treat yourself to a full valet.

Fine Foods

Fine Food Hall

CORVID-19 measures:



8am-6pm Monday – Saturday

10am-4pm Sunday

We have temporarily brought essential pet food supplies and Seacroft Mobility supplies, close to the Food Hall in the area usually used as Garth’s Coffee Shop. As things change we will update customers via Facebook and our website.

Please call us if you need us. We will do what we can to help.


We are deploying all available resources to keeping the Food Hall open, helping customers maintain safe distances while shopping, helping customers access essential supplies for pets, people in need of specialist supplies from Seacroft Mobility including disabled customers, and keeping the store that remains open to the public clean and sanitised.


Every day groceries, plus Hambleton Farms butcher, deli and frozen foods, fresh, local produce & flowers, in store Bakery, Pocklingtons Bakery, Wilcox Bakery, extensive range or wines, beers and spirits; artisan chocolates; ice creams; newspapers and magazines; gluten free products; a wide range of local goods including Batemans Beers, Maud Foster Windmill flours, Stokes Coffee, Pipers Crisps, Belvoir Cordials and much much more. See Hambleton Farms section below for more details about our butcher and deli.

Closed: Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday

Garden Centre

We are not going anywhere… we are simply adapting!

THE GARDEN CENTRE is temporarily closed,

but essential supplies from Pet Foods and Seacroft are available in the space next to the Food Hall.


We might be closed but we want to help you keep busy and active:

Gardening can be a helpful way to keep mind, body and soul together in a time of crisis…

While we are confined to our homes, if you can, use your garden as much as possible.

Gardening can keep you fit, and is good for your mental wellbeing.

Limit news and spurious ‘fake fews’ scare stories on social media, and enjoy you own patch of nature.

Here are 8 benefits of spending time gardening in the coming weeks!

  • Home Grown Self-Esteem.Maybe you’re someone who has always felt his or her thumb to be conspicuously not-green. But after tilling, planting, nurturing and harvesting plants, you might see a slightly different person in the mirror. A person who can grow things. A person a little more in tune with the earth. A gardener, whose thumb does seem to emit a shade of green after all!It always feels good to accomplish new tasks, and if you can grow a garden, what can’t you do?
  • Gardening for Heart Health.You’re burning calories and strengthening your heart when you’re out in the garden.According to WebMD, ‘Activities such as gardening, do-it-yourself projects and housework may be as good as formal exercise when it comes to reducing the risk for heart attack and stroke.’  Now that’s quite a bonus.
  • Gardening Reduces Stress.A Dutch study asked two groups of people to complete a stressful task and concluded that gardening for 30 minutes after said task resulted in lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress. Feeling stressed about the news? Get in your garden and help the stress melt away.Stress is a HUGE health risk, so this benefit of gardening is a big deal, folks.
  • Happiness in the Dirt.How does a dynamic, beautiful landscape that you know intimately, that you are in fact responsible for creating, make you feel? Probably pretty happy.There’s also a scientific reason that gardening makes you happy. Studies suggest that inhaling a healthy bacteria (M. vaccea) that lives in soil, can increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety. Apparently you get a dose it just by taking a walk in the wild or rooting around in the garden and this  could help elicit a jolly state of mind.
  • You’ll Sleep Better.Studies suggests that the light activity associated with gardening can help you sleep better at night.Sleep is so vital to good health; this is a benefit you shouldn’t ignore.
  • Improved Hand Strength. All that digging, planting, and pulling does more than produce plants. Gardening activities will increase your hand strength. What a great way to keep your hands and fingers as strong as possible for as long as possible.
  • Gardening for Family Health. Gardening can be a solo activity, or an opportunity for bonding with your family and friends. The happiness and stress relief that gardening provides is a great thing to share with loved ones. Also, gardening has special benefits for kids. Early exposure to dirt has been linked to all kinds of long-term health benefits from reducing allergies to autoimmune diseases.
  • Growing Vegetables for Financial HealthIf you do it right, you can save a lot of money on food by growing your own. To save the most cash by growing your own produce, grow vegetables that are expensive to buy and vegetables that you can easily store or preserve by canning, freezing, dehydrating, or pickling.


Garden Furniture

New ranges, beautiful styles, great quality at the right price

We Stock David Austin Roses

We are proud stockists of David Austin Roses. Our extensive Rose collection also includes Peter Beale’s Roses as well as a huge selection of standard, occasion and shrub roses.


Check out our comprehensive range of Johnsons Seeds. Premium ranges of flower and vegetable packet seeds; fantastic collections which feature truly different varieties for you to grow captivating flowers and authentic vegetables from around the world.

Johnsons genuinely care about their customers and insist that the quality of all seeds are of the highest standards. Johnsons seeds are proud to introduce to Johnsons Garden Centre our fabulous range of herbs from our Jekka’s Herbs Range as well as our RHS range of seeds.

House Plants

Fantastic range of house plants.

Lotus Everlasting Flowers

A Huge selection of artificial flowers from Lotus.

Earn points while you shop…

If you are a loyalty card holder, as well as earning points every time you shop  that convert into cash discounts at the till,  we also  send you rewards in regular mailers which include exclusive discount vouchers…!

Have you got a loyalty card yet? If not, sign up and start earning those rewards TODAY!


Fantastic choice and great value!


PLANTS – We stock a huge range of plants all year round.

With fantastic offers every week, and experts on hand to advise – Johnsons is Bostons No.1 Garden Centre.

We provide useful tips and advice in store and in our newsletter.

There are always great offers in store on plants and compost – including our ‘Plant of the week’ deals.


Johnsons has the biggest and best range of roses localy. Lots of varieties, including heritage roses from Peter Beale’s collection.

Garden Tools, Machinery, Chemicals, Accessories

We stock all the tools, Stihl machinery & gadgets plus all essentials you need all year round. If you want loppers, a wheelbarrow, fertilizer, gloves, a hose, brooms, shovels, spades or a hoe; we always have what every gardener needs.

Garden Furniture

We have a great range to suit all tastes and budgets.

Outdoor Living

With BBQ’s, firepits and pizza ovens, we have lots of options for making the most out of your garden.

Water Features

We have the largest range of water features in town.

Pots and Planters

We stock a huge range of pots and planters and always have great deals.


Opening Hours:  9am-6pm Monday – Saturday

10am-4pm Sunday


Closed: Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday

Gifts & Home

Gifts and homewares, plus an extensive range of greetings cards & wrap. Also, beautiful jewellery, picture frames, scented candles including Yankee, scarves hats, bags & accessories, Heathcote & Ivory soaps & toiletries, Milford Glass, Lotus artificial flowers. We have a fantastic range of gifts and homewares for all occasions and to suit a range of budgets.




We specialise in sourcing the finest produce and care for it using our years of experience, focusing on traditional methods and love.

At Johnsons we are pround to have probably the best cheese counter and deli in Boston, a superb team of butchers, and a fantistic range of frozen pies and ready meals.

Our team of Bakers and Chefs lovingly create our fantastic range of pies and ready meals in Oakham, the heart of rural Rutland. Our products are hand made in small batches to ensure quality. We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible and from trusted suppliers. We are very proud of our award winning products.


Discover gorgeous day looks—from basics to chic separates as well as smart work wear—or find that perfect evening gown in the stunning and figure-flattering Klass Cocktail and Occasion Collection.

The Klass range aims to make the latest seasonal trends accessible to a wide age range whilst capturing a look and fit that gives confidence—all at amazing prices.

Achieve the complete look with a magnificent range of matching accessories and jewellery.

We are constantly updating our collection so feel special and look great by finding your perfect wardrobe addition at Klass.

Seacroft Mobility

With over 25 year’s experience in the mobility market they pride themselves on providing quality service and great customer care.

Seacroft Mobility stock a large range of 8mph, 4mph and Car Portable Mobility Scooters, Power Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Rollators, Rise & Recline Chairs and an extensive range of Daily Living Aids.

Seacroft Mobility Boston are also Motability specialist dealers with fully trained and experienced staff.

Direct Telephone Number.

01205 363408 Option 5

01754 882327 Head Office


Spilsby Jewellers

Purveyors of affordable, Equilibrium quality silver jewellery, costume jewellery, Eton fashion watches & Sea Gems enamel scarf clips & brooches.

The perfect gift for your partner, friend or loved one. If we have not got it, we can probably get it, just ask

Tufts & Tangles

Dog Grooming


Contact number – 07530201492

Best way to book- text or phone after 6pm

Boston Aquatics


we have temporary shelves with essential pet supplies in the area usually used as Garth’s Coffee Shop. Staff are coming in daily to care for live pets and fish. If you have an essential requirement for the welfare of your pets, please phone us and we can arrange for it to be brought through to the Food Hall where you will be able to pay and collect. Aquatics and Pets are also offering a limited local delivery service where possible.


AQUATICS – Large selection of Aquariums to choose from, Tropical and cold water fish, Pond equipment, pond plants, pond fish, foods and treatments.
Aquarium decoration, dry, live and frozen fish foods. Large selection of artificial plants.
RO water always available – water testing and free advice. For all your fishkeeping needs.

DOGS – Dog food, wet and dry, Treats, collars, leads and harnesses, toys, flea treatments and wormers, other remedies, bed and mattresses, coats

CATS – Cat food, wet and dry, treats, collars, toys, flea treatments and wormers, scratchers, litter and litter trays & beds

SMALL ANIMAL & BIRD – Small animal and caged bird food and treats, toys, bedding, remedies, cages,

LIVE PETS – Dwarf hamsters, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs
All of our animals are supplied by local hobbyists and not breeding farms and handled daily

WILD BIRDS – Wild bird seed, Treats, Feeders, Bird tables, Bird Feeding stations, Bird boxes, Wild life boxes

POULTRY – Poultry feed and treats, Feeders, Bedding Remedies

Opening Hours:  9am-6pm Monday – Saturday

10am-4pm Sunday


Closed: Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday

Studio 10 Hair Salon

Studio 10 salon is so convienient. Our team of stylists will be delighted to help.


Opening Times:

Monday         10-4

Tuesday         9-5

Wednesday   9-5

Thursday       9-5

Friday            9-5

Saturday        9-5

Sunday          CLOSED