Christmas Trees – Guide

The biggest range of trees in locally. Top quality that won't break the bank!

Real Trees – Arriving End November

Sustainable sourced, our real Christmas trees are lucious and beautiful quality and the prices are really fantastic

  • Nordmann – Cut, Potted & Rooted
  • Norway Spruce – Cut, Potted & Rooted
  • Blue Spruce – Cut, Potted & Rooted
  • Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri) – Potted


Which Tree is for me?

Nordmann – The most popular non-drop tree on the market

  • Key Feature: Best variety for non-drop
  • The Look: Thick, glossy, dark green needles. Beautiful bushy shape.
  • Fragrance: No
  • Cost: Slightly more expensive than the other varieties, but at Johnsons, still amazing value. With a Nordman it is fair to say, you get what you pay for!
  • Other: Great for homes with pets or children

Norway Spruce – The ‘Classic’ Christmas Tree

  • Key Feature: The classic ‘Christmas Tree’ for decades – until recently the best selling variety in Europe.
  • The Look: Beautiful bushy shape. Short, thin, dark green needles.
  • Fragrance: Rich, coniferous fragrance
  • Cost: Fantastic value for money. This variety is great if you are on a budget.
  • Other: The needles will drop over time especially in a very warm environment so we suggest you buy this variety mid to late December unless displaying it outside.


Blue Spruce – Pretty, wintery colour

  • Key Feature: Good variety for non-drop, and distinctive colour.
  • The Look: Thick, spikey, blue/green needles. Beautiful, natural symmetrical shape.
  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Cost: Mid range.
  • Other: Strong branches great for heavy orniments. Spikey needles so be careful with small children and pets.


Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri) – Popular in the U.S.A.

  • Key Feature: Strong branches great for heavy orniments, garlands and decor. Holds needles well.
  • The Look: Thick,dark green needles. beautiful bushy shape similar to the Norway spruce.
  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Cost: Mid range
  • Other: Narrow base can make it a good option for smaller spaces.


Johnsons Top Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Beautiful

  • Size – Trees are measured and sold in feet. there is a margin of 6 inches (15cms)  either way. When you buy a 6ft tree, it could be up to 6ft 6 or a little smaller than 6 ft. Always account for the stand when measuring – add at least 15cms for this.
  • If you find your tree is too tall – use a handsaw and trim from the bottom, removing some lower branches in necessary.
  • Keep the tree wrapped when placing it in the stand. It will be much easier to secure it without branches in your face!
  • When you have your tree secure and unwrapped, leave it to stand for 12-24 hrs before decorating so all the branches can settle into position.
  • Treat it like cut flowers! Using a hand saw, take 2-3 cm’s off the bottom of a cut tree to allow it to take up water better. Keep it well watered.
  • Position in a cool place – especially for a Norway Spruce – away from radiators or other heat sources and the tree will stay looking great for longer. Even a Nordmann will lose it’s gloss over time if it is too hot.
  • Put lights on first! New style LED lights are the safest, the most ecconomical to run and the best. Available in Warm White, Cool White & various colours, you can buy them in a simple string, or get real bang for your buck by investing in ‘cluster lights’ with large numbers of lights per foot.


Artificial Trees

A huge range of great quality and great value trees, in all sizes, shapes and styles.


  • luxury super realistic ‘superior everlasting’ trees
  • fibre optic trees
  • white & black trees
  • narrow trees for smaller spaces
  • budget trees.