Hi! We have created a blog so our customers could pick up some expert tips by following the day to day comings and goings here at Johnsons.

As a quick intro, we’d like you to meet some key characters here at Johnsosn.

This is David, our M.D. David is a passionate business man, but also a talented engineer. Often undertaking new projects for the business he is a busy man! He does still find time for his own garden, and enjoys photographing and documenting the wildlife that visit his garden at home.

Steve manages the Garden Centre. Steve had a long career with Homebase before joining the team at Johnsons. He has a great eye for a deal and works hard to make sure Johnsons has fantastic special offers our customers every day.

Mihai is one of our plant experts. He has a wealth of knowledge about plants husbandry and is always happy to share tips and insites.

Carolynn is the manager of Fine Foods. With her team she works hard every day to keep the shelves stacked with great value everyday groceries as well as some more specialist lines our customers love. Gluten free lines, artisan pasta, flour from our local mill, fabulous baked goods, crafted by hand locally, spices and chutneys, local beers.

James is a trainee manager in Fine Foods. He previously worked in the Garden Centere and has horticultultural qualification from Riseholme College. James also has a fantastic eye for detail, and a wonderful creative flair for diplay and design.

Tracey manages the Restaurant. She designs our menus and works hard with her fantastic team of cooks to come up with delicious homestyle cooked dishes for all our visitors.

Watch out for new blog posts from our team!