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November 1st 2020

Here we go again!

Most importantly we sincerely wish all our customers well in troubling times.

We are feeling somewhat relieved that Garden Centres are allowed to remain open during the lockdown that comes into effect on Thursday 5th November, although sadly, the restaurant will be closed.

The staff in all departments are working hard to ramp up our Covid Security, although we have never let down our guard here at Johnsons. We pride ourselves on having maintained the highest standards possible through the pandemic. We will however review everything and in the coming days, regular customers will notice changes to the layout of the main shop floor to help customers shop safely.

While will have to cancel the shopping event planned for the weekend of the 14th and 15th of November, (as encouraging non essential shopping goes against the spirit of the lockdown) we will be honouring advertised discounts on those days.

We are uncertain as to whether we will be able to welcome Santa here as planned after lockdown, but we will remain in constant contact with his HQ at North Pole and keep you updated!

Meanwhile please remember, in the words of Audrey Hepburn…

“to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

From all of us at Johnsons, we are here when you need us and we wish you well through the difficult days!

October 1st 2020


The big news today is that James (our Plant Buyer and Deputy Manager of the Garden Centre) had put together a fantastic 20% offer on plants! Click the Garden Centre tab for more details. It’s a great chance to cheer up the garden for autumn!


Our new Restaurant Manager has stepped into her role. She is a familiar face to regular customers… Sarah has been with us for ten years, designing many of the special seasonal menus and events you have all enjoyed for many years as well as cooking and serving. She starts her new role in one of the most challenging times for restaurants, but has already been working with the wider Johnsons team to deliver our customers the fantastic food they love while keeping the restaurant Covid secure so customers can relax while they are here.

Afternoon Specials are back after 3pm on weekdays, offering cake and a hot drink for £3.95. Roasts are back on Sundays & Afternoon Tea’s are once again available to book (click the tab above for more details) PLUS we have introduced a New Menu with more of your favourites!

This week we are getting to grips with new technology! We have introduced headsets for the staff and new mobile card readers to help us overcome some of the challenges the return to table service has thrown up.

We also have big plans in the restaurant for Winter. We are creating a more sheltered ‘Winter Garden’ so we can maintain outdoor dining through the Winter months for those customers who prefer it. We will have new heating and lighting as well as some beautiful, locally made sails to help create a more cozy atmosphere!

Don’t worry Garth’s will be reopening very soon! When the rules on table service tightened suddenly a week ago, we had to temporarily close Garth’s in order to bring staff across so we could provide a full table service straight away. We are now adjusting well and look forward to firing up Garth’s over and coffee machine again very soon!


The Fine Foods staff are always working on new Ideas. This week, sad to think of children missing out of trick or treating this year, they put together fab and spooky Halloween Treat Bucket for just £10 that Mums & Dads can hide in the garden for them to find on Halloween, so they can still enjoy the fun of a Halloween sweetie treat!